Affiliate Widgets

Installation Instructions

Our automatic geo-targeting widget banners are a great way to deliver local daily deals to your visitors.

  1. Select the code for widget size from the selection below. Copy this code to your website, or marketing campaign.
  2. Change the url parameter "affiliate_url" within the widget with the link titled “Search Widget Link - Geo-Targets Local Daily Deals” from your Impact Radius Account. For example, replace http://YOUR-IMPACT RADIUS-AFFILIATE-LINK with your custom link.
  3. The search widget is now enabled with your specific affiliate id. You can now get click and conversion stats within your Impact Radius Affiliate Network account.

Note: If a local daily deal isn’t available for a particular visitor’s location, then they will be presented with a national daily deal.

Skyscraper (120px wide x 600px tall)

Leaderboard (728px wide x 90px tall)

Banner (468px wide x 60px tall)

Rectangle (300px wide x 250px tall)

Example: Skyscraper