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You're constantly scouring the grocery stores (in-store and on-line!) for products that make eating healthy nutritious food and even exercising on the fly more convenient. But who even knows which are holistically great for you versus those that are the latest gimmicks. Who knows what tastes palatable and what actually makes a difference on your energy and your everyday life.

We'll tell you one thing, KLUTCHclub knows, and joining their membership program will make a huge dent in your quest for a healthy life - even on the go.

KLUTCHclub members receive a hand-picked selection of $50 worth of health and fitness products designed to promote overall wellness day in and day out. Partnering with companies such as Tea Forte, Hydroxatone, ZICO, and more, KLUTCHclub fills its boxes with high-end items such as coconut water, Kind bars, and vitamins, as well as exclusive members-only discounts for the best and most enriching products for you.

Trust us when we say, KLUTCHclub is every Mom's saving grace!

Kristin B.


You've probably seen KLUTCHclub in SHAPE and GLAMOUR magazines. Now you can try your first month at discount. Perfect for yourself and a friend!


Kristin B.

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Featured in Glamour, SELF, on FOX, and more, KLUTCHclub partnering with top companies like Tea Forte, Hydroxatone, and ZICO, to deliver high-end items to members monthly. Within every KLUTCHclub box rests $50 worth of hand-selected, healthy products that promote wellness and happiness. 

$12 for One Month of KLUTCHclub - an $18 Value

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