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We all know that living a healthy lifestyle includes eating well and exercising, but how do we make these essential elements part of our daily life? By understanding how our body works and why these habits affect our body, mind and emotions.

The OrganWise Guys help families in their quest to become "OrganWise" by gradually adding healthy habits to their daily routine. Kids will engage in a different OrganWise "Rule" for seven days while tracking their progress on a Healthy Behavior Tracking Calendar. At the end of the week, they'll proudly report their success for a reward.

Each "In the House" Kit includes a colorful OrganWise Guys carry case, four Plush OrganWise Guys (the rewards for healthy behavior!) and five fun-filled books (with healthy behavior tracking tools):

  • Getting Started with In the House! 
  • Hardy Heart In the House! (Low-Fat/Good fat) 
  • Low-Fat Peri Stolic In the House! (High-Fiber) 
  • The Kidney Brothers In the House! (Water) 
  • Madame Muscle In the House! (Exercise)

A bonus Healthy Behavior Tracking Calendar is included for mom and dad to get in on the action and incorporate a new healthy behavior each month for a whole year!

Tracy M.


Healthy kids are very important to me and not always easy to do. This kit and tracking calendar make it simple and fun for the whole family to be healthy inside and out!


Tracy M.


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The OrganWise Guys Inc. began in 1993 with a vision to inspire individuals to take charge of their health by assuming personal responsibility for their choices. This, we believe, is prevention at its best! By bringing the body to life via lovable organ characters, kids of all ages learn what it really means to be smart from the inside out. With all of the troubling news about the obesity crisis, our evidence-based programming offers a viable, possible solution. The OrganWise Guys are pleased to present age-appropriate products and programs that compel boys and girls to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Whether your objective is to teach one child or an entire school system of youngsters, we offer an array of options to meet your objectives. Meet The OrganWise Guys: A fun cast of characters who will empower your children to be healthy and smart from the inside out!

$15 The OrganWise Guys "In the House" Kit and a Bonus Healthy Behavior Tracking Calendar - $35 Value

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