Amy H.
Amy H.

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My idea of a perfect Sunday morning is...

I usually wake up before my family and it’s lovely to lay in bed and soak up the quiet house. All of a sudden I’ll hear my three year old call out, “I’m ready to wake up”. I walk down the hallway and open her door to the question, “Is it morning yet” and “what are we doing today?” I love to bring her to our bed and have her tickle her daddy’s face to wake him up. It’s best when she’s still a little sleepy and wants to snuggle and lay around before rushing to start our day!

Which living person do you most admire and why?

I admire my husband the most because nobody works harder and is more focused on providing for his family. Everything he does has us in mind. He’s is a brainiac and constantly impresses me with his worldly knowledge. But, I fell in love with him because he is very social and has never met a stranger! He’s a great public speaker, has a huge repertoire of music that he loves to listen to and bands that he follows. He loves to read, is always willing to complete a house project and he adores and lives for our little girl!

The best advice I've ever gotten from a kid is..

The best advice I've ever gotten from a young person is my nephew Knox. One of my nieces was telling me something and he said, "You’re not listening to her". He was young - like six or seven at the time (21 years today), but he was right. I was not giving her my full attention and she was telling me something that was significant to her. It's important to give time to somebody when they've chosen you to tell what they desire or love. Time is one of our most valuable assets and it's usually FREE and can change a person’s life!

The funniest thing my kids did this week was...

My little girl told me, "no kisses or pictures today".

My biggest secret for getting from to-do to ta-da is...

I biggest secret for getting from to-do to ta-da is to take care of my most dreaded chore of the day first! Then, it's done...and the rest of my afternoon is gravy with the more fun things I’d rather fill my day with. I don’t like for things to “hang over my head” whether it’s getting the oil changed in my car, clearing the dishwasher or folding a load of laundry. When I’ve accomplished my chores, I can reward myself by taking Ava to get yogurt, the park or purchasing something that I love whether it’s for the house or my closet!

What always puts a smile on your face?

I get a smile on my face when I hear my three year old little girl say please and thank you unsolicited! Reinforcing and constantly reminding her to use good manners is a big issue right now. I also love, love, love to see my daughter and husband have their moments together. He travels allot for his job and there is nothing more gorgeous than for her to request him over me whenever he’s around. She misses him a lot and really loves to love on him when he's home. The other day I heard her say, “Daddy, we could be buddies”.

Amy H.

Amy H.
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