Michelle W.
Michelle W.

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My idea of a perfect Sunday morning is...

A Carmel Machiato and a few laps around the farmers market with my guys!!!

Which living person do you most admire and why?

I admire so many would be hard to choose. So I will say I just admire people who are living life to the fullest no matter what negatives they may face!!!

The best advice I've ever gotten from a kid is..

My nephew told me once " Aunt Mo it is always ok to have breakfast for dinner". He was right we love breakfast for dinner now!!!

My biggest secret for getting from to-do to ta-da is...

Deep Breathes and a great big cup of coffee!

What always puts a smile on your face?

Ever since my boy was a little thing my husband has made it a point to put him to sleep- however now that he is older my husband and he will wrestle at night and they both laugh so hard and so loud that I can hear it where ever I am and it always makes me smile!!!

Michelle W.

Michelle W.
Since June 2012


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