Laura K.
Laura K.

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My idea of a perfect Sunday morning is...

Sleeping in then having a big family brunch after church. Then spending the afternoon digging my garden.

Which living person do you most admire and why?

My mom for sure. She has so much energy and spirit. Her focus and drive is an inspiration.

The best advice I've ever gotten from a kid is..

Make sure to get a good night sleep so you are not cranky.

The funniest thing my kids did this week was...

We are big practical jokers and this week the kids put whoopie cushions under all their Dad's favorite seats.

My biggest secret for getting from to-do to ta-da is...

Setting goals in my old fashion day-timer. I love technology but get more done when its written down.

What always puts a smile on your face?

Any time I make a meal without overcooking it!

Laura K.

Laura K.
Since September 2011


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