Lora J.
Lora J.

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My idea of a perfect Sunday morning is...

Having my kiddos crawl into bed with my hubby and I for extra early morning zzz's. Then eating a yummy brunch outside in the sun after a chilly morning dip in the pool.

Which living person do you most admire and why?

I completely admire my husband for the renaissance man that he is and for all that he brings to our lives. He is so committed to our family - he'd do anything for us! He cooks, he fixes the toilet, and he loves chasing the kiddos around. What a man!

The best advice I've ever gotten from a kid is..

"Come play, it's fun!"

The funniest thing my kids did this week was...

He shook his body in a funny dance wiggle while trying to hopscotch.

My biggest secret for getting from to-do to ta-da is...

Making lists, lists, lists and focusing on crossing things off one by one until they are ALL done.

What always puts a smile on your face?

My silly goofy faced boys smiling at me!

Lora J.

Lora J.
Los Angeles
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