April B.
April B.

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My idea of a perfect Sunday morning is...

Kids, coffee and a newspaper...But not necessarily in that order.

Which living person do you most admire and why?

I have so many wonderful people in my life, but the first one that comes to mind to me is my 7 year old Lilly! She is pretty small for her age and one of the smallest in her class, but she makes up for height in personality! She never let's if bother her, even if she is getting teased for it.

The best advice I've ever gotten from a kid is..

My son was about 4 and I was going to work part-time and I was feeling bad about leaving and he said, "It's OK if you work Mom, you have to put food on the table." Knowing he was OK with it, made it so much easier! Oh, and it kind of made me laugh!

The funniest thing my kids did this week was...

I had to loosen up my daughter's adjustable waist pants and she said, "Be sure to leave some room for lunch!"

My biggest secret for getting from to-do to ta-da is...

Taking things one step at a time! I try not to look at the whole picture at first, but each step. It keeps me from feeling overwhelmed, and things end up being better in the long run.

What always puts a smile on your face?

Part of the reason why I love working here...a good deal!

April B.

April B.
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