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There is nothing more satisfying than hearing an unprompted "please" from your little one - especially if grandma is around to hear it! Kids need help remembering their Ps and Qs, and constantly reminding them can feel like nagging. Give yourself a break, Mom!

Covering everything from handshaking to school and table manners, Civility Experts' manners program is a resource that no parent should pass up. These experienced professionals to work for you. Scenarios and examples are used to make him or her see both sides of a problem, and they allow your child to weigh each side of an argument for themselves instead of merely telling them what is “good” and what is “bad”. Order yours today, and get ready to usher in a new era of domestic civility.

Tracy M.


This is a perfect gift for stressed-out new parents and a great tool for introducing courtesy and respect to your kids!


Tracy M.

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Have you ever met a Slobbergobblerex? If you have children or grandchildren you've probably met a tablemonster or two-burping and slurping and spilling. Avoid messy mealtimes by teaching children some table manners. Buy the Macaroni and Please kit now and you will receive the Beware the Tablemonsters e-book FREE Valued at $9.99, this fun online book for children ages 5-9 can be read over and over. AND, to show your children or students that they can make a difference, you will also receive the What Would Wendy Do? e-book- this book was co-written by 8-year old Denby Bayer and it is about being brave and being kind when things don't go your way at school or when you have trouble with a friend. This book sells for $9.99 but you can share it with your friends and download it as many times as you like.

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