One Hour of Open Video Game Time at E-MOTIONS


Goodness, you've thrown so many parties for your kids, you're all out of ideas. Lightbulb moment! How about a gamer party at E-MOTIONS?!

For your young video game lover's next birthday party, team celebration, or no-occasion play date: How about gathering up to 25 of his or her friends and throwing them a private gamer party at E-MOTIONS?!  At E-MOTIONS the kids (and parents) will have a safe, private room to socialize and PLAY - UNLIMITED - FOR FREE on all the Wiis, XBoxes, PlayStations, and hundreds of kid-friendly, parent-approved video games!  With today's Plum Steal, you can purchase up to five (5) one-hour party vouchers for $9 each which you can combine for a longer party or spread across multiple parties.  You may bring cake, decorations, outside food & drinks, or contact the business separately to have them arranged for you.

Tracy M.


Are you trying to figure out where to host your next party? E-MOTIONS has plenty of space and games for all your guests!


Tracy M.


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E-MOTIONS is a video game store for children ages 5-12, beginners, and casual gamers.  They promote wholesome games, party games, and games that teach real skills - like math, puzzles, musical instruments, and fitness - with characters and themes that appeal to children.  They use ratings by the ESRB and parental controls to filter any mature language/themes from their store!

Check out their 1,300 sq ft, handicap accessible play room! They've got capacity for 30 guests, with unlimited use of 8 kid-friendly entertainment stations with Xbox, Wii, PlayStation, karaoke, movies, and others — no tokens or waiting lines! They handle all machine operation from behind the counter. Their snack bar, serving table, and fridge and freezer keep you satisfied while you play. Enjoy their waiting area for grown-ups with WiFi, web TV, and music systems.

  • E-Motions
    6035 Peachtree Rd
    Ste A201
    Doraville, GA 30360
    (404) 913-4263

9 open play package

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Voucher must be used in 1 transaction
  • May not be combined with other offers
  • 1-25 people 
  • May bring and serve your own food and drink (alcoholic drinks okay for those over 21) 
  • Self clean up is required for outside food and drinks 
  • Photographs may be taken for promotional purposes (guestbook/website)
  • Reservation required
  • Plum Dollars may not be used to purchase this Plum Steal (Learn why >>)
  • You cannot earn Plum Dollars for referring this Plum Steal (Learn why >>)
  • Plum District promotional codes may not be used toward the purchase of this Plum Steal
  • Additional Terms and Conditions apply

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