2 Cell Phone Charging Racks, 2 Anti-Slip Mats or a Wallet ID Holder Plus Free Shipping

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Mom, we know you’re always running around with a phone in one hand, papers in the other and a kid trailing behind your heels. We know how important certain pieces of the puzzle are to keep everything running, especially your phone – it’s got the kids after-school schedules on it, the grocery list, your doctor’s number and your everyday reminders – so you know you can never leave it at home. Rather than worry about keeping it charged or looking for it through your purse, let HappyCases help – and feel a little more organized!

HappyCases is now offering some great and handy tools to make you feel less harebrained. With today’s offer you’ll get two phone charging racks to reduce the up-and-down shuffle of checking your phone while it’s charging. The anti-slip mat won’t allow your phone to fall whenever you put it, so you never have to worry when the kids grab hold of it. And the wallet ID holder allows you to run around with all your important information while on-the-go, and fits perfectly into the treadmill holder at the gym!

Beth A.


Handy accessories to help make life a lil less crazy!


Beth A.

Austin, Tx

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Happy Cases is a cell phone accessory store that features unique items that you may not see in your local retail store. They try to add new things on a monthly basis, so visit and see what new items are on display.

$12 for 2 Charging Racks with Free Shipping - a $60 Value
$12 for 2 Anti-Slip Mats with Free Shipping - a $36 Value
$25 for a Wallet ID Holder with Free Shipping - a $40 Value

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