Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Collection PLUS One Year Storage


You'll get to give your kids plenty of gifts over the course of their lives. None of them will be as valuable and important as this one: collecting cord blood and cord tissue stem cells.

With today's deal you will get a CordBlood and CordTissuePlus collection kit that will allow you to bank stem cells from their umbilical cord blood and specialized stem cells from their cord tissue. Cord blood stem cells are already used to treat more than 80 diseases - and that number is rapidly increasing. Cord tissue is a source of many cell types, including mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Researchers have discovered that MSCs will play a major role in future clinical therapies using Regenerative Medicine. This research holds the promise of regenerating damaged tissues and organs by stimulating the body to heal itself.

When you choose to bank with FamilyCord, you ensure that your baby's stem cells will be available when you and your family need them most. With the CordTissuePlus option, you will also receive a photo certificate of storage with the total cell count and viability, verified growth of the treatment-ready stem cells, and a photograph of expanded MSC sample. Plan for your child's future today with this important deal.

Rachel S.


Storing my children's cord blood was a decision my family takes very serious hand one that offered piece of mind like no other. Now, with the addition of cord tissue storage it was an opportunity that I felt was too exciting not to bring to Plum District.


Rachel S.

San Francisco, CA

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FamilyCord is a recognized leader in cord blood and cord tissue banking. The company has operated for more than 15 years and has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. FamilyCord is operated by nationally renowned physicians, and is guided by world-class scientific excellence and medical ethics in everything it does.

$1370 for Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Collection PLUS One Year Storage - a $2740 Value

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Additional $150 registration fee must be paid to Family Cord - Registration fee includes collection kit. Collection kit will be mailed once purchaser has registered with Family Cord and the Registration fee has been paid.
  • Can be purchased as a gift
  • Additional purchases ok for pregnancy of multiples
  • Please note: There is no guarantee that the cord blood will be a match for a family member or will provide a cure. Autologous cord blood stem cells will not guarantee suitable treatment for all inherited genetic diseases. As with any transplant therapy, therapeutic success depends upon many factors beyond the stem cells themselves including patient condition, type of disease, recipient-donor matching, and other health factors
  • Voucher is transferable
  • Additional Terms and Conditions apply