Mommy & Me and Children's Dance Classes


Let the kids dance, Mom! Shake on over to Emoria Studios where your little ones will get more than just the steps to succeed on stage. In a warm and supportive environment, they'll learn new moves and build confidence while improving flexibility, strength, and coordination. As they dance along with other kids their age, they may even make a new friend or two!

With today's offer, you can choose Mommy & Me dance classes or a pack of children's classes that focus on tap, jazz, and/or ballet:

  • Mommy & Me (ages 6-36 mos): A wonderful opportunity to connect with your little one in a playful environment. You can interact with other moms and your baby or toddler can play with others!
  • Pre-Dance Combo 1 (ages 2.5-4 yrs): 20 minutes of each pre-tap technique and pre-ballet technique (tumbling, sequencing, coordination skills)
  • Pre-Jazz Combo 2 (ages 4-7 yrs): Basic ballet, tap, and jazz technique. Warm-ups and stretching followed by dance combinations.
  • Pre-Tap Jazz Combo 3 (ages 7-12 yrs): Classical ballet, formal gestures, steps, and poses.

Jill E.


Kickstart your little one's appreciation of performing arts! What a great variety of class offers to choose from.


Jill E.

New York, NY

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At Emoria Studios their goal is to provide challenging and progressive instruction while allowing students to enjoy themselves and release inner feelings through body-movement expression. Instruction is geared to produce technically-sound, injury-free artists in a caring environment with an emphasis on self-esteem. You will quickly learn that Emoria Studios is a special place, where students learn not just a love of dance, music, movement and fitness, but also teamwork, discipline and life skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

  • Lyndhurst Community Center
    Riverside Avenue
    at Tontine Avenue
    Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

  • Emoria Studios - Glen Gardner
    The Ginger Tree
    1 School Street
    Glen Gardner, NJ 08826

$70 for 5 One-Hour Mommy & Me Dance Classes (Lyndhurst) - $100 Value
$122 for 10 Children's Dance Classes (Glen Gardner) - $175 Value
$245 for 20 Children's Dance Classes (Glen Gardner) - $350 Value
$367 for 30 Children's Dance Classes (Glen Gardner) - $525 Value

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Mommy & Me Classes is available at Lyndhurst location only
  • Children's classes are available at Glen Gardner location only
  • All children's classes requires tap and ballet shoes (not included in offer)
  • Last class with this voucher is April 23rd, 2013
  • Choose from: Mommy & Me (ages 6-36 mos), Pre-Dance Combo 1 (ages 2.5-4 yrs), Pre-Jazz Combo 2 (ages 4-7 yrs), or Pre-Tap Jazz Combo 3 (ages 7-12 yrs)
  • Click here for class schedule
  • Additional Terms and Conditions apply