Fly away on a Kersey Valley Zip Line Tour!



You're the saving angel in your family, Mom. You might not have feathered wings sprouting from those heavenly shoulder blades, but that doesn't mean you can't fly!

You won't even need wings to soar above the lovely North Carolina countryside! Grab this coach class zip line flight at Kersey Valley, and experience one of the world's largest zip line courses. Suspended high over the ground, you'll fly between Sky Towers named after airport codes. Pretend you're globetrotting as you zip your way around the world in about 2.5 hours. Push off from the ATL platform and fly along the cable from tower to tower at anywhere from 40-100 feet off the ground.

You'll glide through whimsical woods and soar over a captivating corn maze, suspended by your full body harness. It'll be glorious to feel the wind between your feet and the full-on freedom of flight as you hover above the earth and circumnavigate this internationally-inspired course!

Sharon P.


My family had a great day at Kersey Valley soaring through the trees! So much fun.


Sharon P.

Raleigh/Durham, NC

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Kersey Valley offers one of the only closed-course aviation-themed zip line rides ever built. Traverse massive Sky Towers that represent airports across the country and around the world! Your feet will never touch the ground once airborne! This premier North Carolina zip line has 100% structurally engineered Sky Towers rather than live trees, has been designed with an electrical grounding protection system, and is built to the IBC 2009 building code specifications. Hand rails and soft padding are present on all Sky Decks for your safety. Kersey Valley Zip Line Aerial Tours is known as the Gold Standard in the industry for going above and beyond the standards set forth by the ACCT. When it comes to zip lining NC, you have to check out this one of a kind experience!

  • High Point
    1615 Kersey Valley Road
    High Point, NC 27263
    (336) 802-1962

$44 for Coach Class Zip Line Tour at Kersey Valley - $89 Value

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