$19 for Consignment Pick-Up, Price Recommendation, Listing, Storage, and Sale - a $45 Value

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How long have you been holding on to that old bedroom set? Months? Years? No judgment, Mom, we know how it is. You know this stuff has value, just not to you. But isn't it time to clean out that back room? Basement? Garage? Storage unit?

Selling this stuff yourself can be a real pain. Between taking photos, listing items online, handling calls and emails and then being inconvenienced by potential buyers who are picking-up or just stopping by to looky-loo, you can waste hours and even days just to get a few extra bucks.  Let the helpful folks at The Craiglisters help. Their system is much easier:

  • They'll come pick-up your items (fill up their truck, there's no limit!), or drop stuff off at their facility if you'd prefer. 
  • They'll store and show your items at their secure facility and even help you price them. 
  • They deal with showing items and they take credit cards - increasing the probability your items will sell. 
  • Once your goods sell you'll get a percentage of the profits. 

Get rid of furniture, lawn mowers, yard equipment, baby gear, jewelry, bikes, even cars or boats. Make room in your home, garage, and yard while you thicken your wallet with this fuss-free offer!

Heidi G.


I have been meaning to sell my kids' old nursery furniture forever, but it's just collecting dust and taking up space in my basement. I'm calling The Craiglisters to come pick it up and sell it for me today!


Heidi G.

Denver, CO

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The Craiglisters pick up items you don't want, but that are too valuable to donate. They will store and sell them for you!

  • The Craiglisters
    12559 Broncos Parkway
    Englewood, CO 80112
    (720) 435-1017

$19 for $45 Toward Item Pick-Up, Price Recommendation, Listing, and Storage

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Additional pick-up fee may apply for locations outside 10 mile radius of The Craiglisters facility
  • You will be provided a customized consignment agreement upon pick-up of your items
  • Your consignment sale percentage of 60-100% for your items will be discussed when you call to schedule your pick-up, and is based on how your apply your $45 credit
  • Limit 1 per household
  • Additional Terms and Conditions apply