Cold Cast Reusable Finger Splints

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Let's face it – your kiss might give your kiddo's boo boo temporary relief, but as heroic as they think you are, you're not a magician. Healing takes a lot more than a quick pucker of your lips!

We use our hands constantly, which makes our ten little digits prone to pinches, cuts, sprains, burns and bruises. Cold Cast makes refreezable, reusable finger splints that give compression and ice therapy while wrist straps hold it in place, so you and your family can continue to work and play while you properly treat swelling, bleeding, aches and pains. It applies the right amount of chill and stays in place, unlike a drippy plastic bag of ice! It's the perfect time to stock up before school and sports start again. With this offer, you can get two Cold Casts for only $20! 

Shannon V.


This is one of those things that makes you say, "Why didn't I think of that?" What a great product for families to have on hand. No more plastic sandwich bags filled with ice!


Shannon V.

Baltimore, MD

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Cold Cast is the most effective way to treat finger injuries. Fingers are one of the most frequently injured body parts. Unfortunately, sprained, burned, pinched and jammed fingers are rarely given proper treatment. Such neglect slows healing and can lead to further problems. Cold Cast can be used with nearly every type of finger injury. It is a must for training rooms, commercial kitchens, gyms, jobsites, school health rooms, and homes!

$20 for Two Cold Cast Reusable Finger Splints - $30 Value

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