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Life gets stressful – we don't have to tell you that one, Mom. How well is your body functioning? That’s the question behind the complete health evaluation from Waldman Center for Wellness. With the answers found in this careful, comprehensive assessment, you’ll be able to take the steps you need to feel and be your best.

This complete health evaluation tests every level of your body’s functioning. You’ll have your adrenal gland, toxicity, and stress levels examined, followed by nerve health and food sensitivity analysis. At the end of the evaluation you’ll receive a detailed doctor’s report and a ZYTO scan, which measures response levels between your body and subtle stimuli what is called bio-communication. Both parts of the evaluation will be explained in detail by the professionals at Waldman Center for Wellness to ensure you’re on the path to health.

Get on the road to beth health today.

Samantha W.


You will love learning everything about your body from food sensitivity to adrenal stress before we head back to school!


Samantha W.

Boston, MA

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The highly experienced healthcare professionals at Waldman Center for Wellness are here to help patients conquer pain and reach wellness goals – in a completely natural and non-invasive way. They use therapies and techniques that include all the most sophisticated and advanced methods in the  wellness fields, and Dr. David Waldman, is here to be your partner in health and wellness. 

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$49 for a Health Evaluation from Waldman Center for Wellness - a $215 Value

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