In-Home Music & Movement or Yoga Party for Up to 15 People


Children love yoga, naturally. Have you noticed how often they play with their toes and bend their bodies into all kinds of different shapes? Add some tunes to the mix and you've got yourself one movin' and groovin' kiddo.

Today's offer from Children's Music Express will give your little ones a stimulating experience that'll make them smile and wiggle in delight. CME customizes age-appropriate parties that engage children and their caretakers! Choose from the two following options:

  • Music & Movement: With upbeat music playing, children will be led through a series of fun activities for a completely fantastical, jammin' experience! Helps them develop a better sense of rhythm, in-tune singing, and sharper focus. 
  • Yoga: A yoga adventure with variety of fun positions, group games, partner poses, and stories.... all twisted together! Kids will gain more body awareness and develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, flexibility, concentration, and more. 

The mental and physical rewards that come with today's offers will benefit your children greatly. Thrill your birthday child, scouts, or homeschooled children with a party that'll leave them smiling. 

Suzanne A.


Yoga Parties are all the rage now, and every kid loves to drum, shake, and dance!


Suzanne A.

Philadelphia, PA

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Children’s Music Express™ is a parent-child program dedicated to providing music/movement and yoga/mindfulness classes and workshops for teachers, families, and caregivers with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary-aged children. Their programs are also geared toward children with autism, different abilities, and special needs. Their classes and workshops are designed to promote learning through creative expression, interactive activities, and fun!

$149 for an In-Home Music & Movement or Yoga Party for Up to 15 People - a $250 Value

The Nitty Gritty:

  • May not be combined with other offers
  • Available weekends, weekdays or evenings
  • Scheduling is subject to availability
  • Call 215-275-5594 to book your party
  • Up to 5 additional children may be added for $10 each, payable directly to Children's Music Express at time of booking
  • Party is good for up to 15 children and their grown-ups
  • Party is held in customer's home or other mutually-agreed location (ex: preschool or church)
  • Party for 1-5 year olds is 45 minutes long
  • Party for 6-12 year olds is 1 hour long
  • Instructor provides instruments, scarves, and mats
  • Additional Terms and Conditions apply

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