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Exercise regimens get stale fast. Find yourself dozing in yoga? Coasting in spin class? Time for a fitness program that feels less like work, and more like a dance party.

Try Zumba®! This offer gets you 8 one-hour classes that will get you moving. Zumba® combines easy-to-follow dance moves with irresistible Latin rhythms that will tone and sculpt your body while also burning fat. Get moving now!

Leslie P.


Zumba is a great exercise technique!


Leslie P.


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Join a team for fun and feminine classes designed to shed pounds and tone muscle. Pupils can select workouts from an extensive list, such as the ballet-inspired Pole Barre or Latin-infused motions in Zumba, which raises heart rates to burn calories, contour arms and thighs, and relieve stress. 

  • Brier Creek Area
    6308 Angus Dr.
    Raleigh, NC 27617
    (805) 402-9435

$25 for 8 Zumba Classes at TML...Turn Me Loose Fitness - a $72 Value

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