One Hour of LIFE Biofeedback Stress Relief Treatment


Being a stressed out mom is like trying to win a triathlon with 100-pound weights tied around your feet ... not fun! Your little chicks will fly the coop someday. Wouldn't it be great to shed the weight of your stress and genuinely enjoy your precious moments with them now?! Today's Plum Deal can help you do that, Mom!

Here and Now offers high-tech stress relief that can honestly change your life. Twenty years of research in the field of biophysics has resulted in the LIFE biofeedback system. It electromagnetically scans your body’s reaction to over 7000 different stressors ranging from everyday allergies to emotional imbalances to more chronic physical conditions. Then it feeds back balancing frequencies that your body suggests. Sessions are gentle, relaxing, and create a feeling of inner peace.

You need an end to the madness, you deserve a break, and this is an incredible way to lighten the burden of stress in your life! 

Michelle B.


I am a MOM. I need to de-stress. Amy has a wonderful calm about her and is a true professional.


Michelle B.

Orlando Florida

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Here and Now systems provide a gentle, non-invasive approach to stress relief and have scientific study behind them. Each session is unique because the body guides the session according to its own wisdom. Their focus is on health and adaptation, rather than disease and pathology. Not only do clients experience a reduction of physical symptoms, but they also experience a reduction of emotional anxiety and an increased feeling of tranquility. It is the ultimate feel-good experience.

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$49 for One Hour of LIFE Biofeedback Stress Relief Treatment - a $100 Value

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