$20 for a Full Box of Kids' Clothes + a One-Year Swapping Membership at

Baby and Kids

Sometimes it seems like our children are growing at the speed of light, and out-growing their clothes even faster. Before you know it, there's a garbage bag of too-small clothes at the back of your child's closet, and a set of empty drawers on your mind.

When your closets are jam-packed with garbage bags, and the kids’ drawers are bare yet again, you can turn to thredUP for help. thredUP offers an innovative solution -a national online kids clothing swap! Customers can select a box of gently-used kids clothes on thredUP (typically 15-20 items!). Browse boxes by size, color, brand and style, and have that entire box sent for only $5 + shipping. 

In turn, you offer up a box of your own used clothes, and can ship it to any interested parties for absolutely FREE! Need a last minute Halloween Costume? Parents are even swapping costumes on this fall!

thredUP is cheaper and more efficient than consignment-shopping, and with today's Plum Deal, you get  discounted PRO membership to thredUP, plus one clothing exchange completely free. thredUP's PRO membership includes first access to new boxes, updates about your favorite senders, and dibs on Golden Threds boxes (brand new kids clothing straight from premium retailers). So ditch the garbage bag for a box, and start filling your child's empty dresser, because only thredUP can move as fast as your kids.

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thredUP makes it easy to purchase gently-worn discounted children's clothing and exchange items that you no longer use. When it's convenient for you (monthly, quarterly, seasonally, annually), take those clothes your child has outgrown and prepare to thredUP. Great for the environment and even better for your wallet - thredUP is a smart solution to out-grown clothing.

$20 for a Full Box of Kids' Clothes + a One-Year Swapping Membership at

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