$15 for $40 Worth of Fine Silk Ties from Jack Franklin

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Win or lose, a tie is a tie is a tie, right? Wrong! All ties are not created equal – but you don't have to pay prices that are sky-high to get your guy a fly tie. Oh my!

OK, enough with the rhyming. Through truly, once you see the fantastic, high-quality ties and even more fantastic prices offered online from Jack Franklin, you may be moved to sing (or rhyme) their praises, too. All Jack ties are hand-woven of 100% silk on the finest Italian weavers. Woven silk ties, unlike their printed counterparts, can have incredible depth and texture. They also have wool interlining, which adds heft and helps tie a beautiful knot. Browse around and you'll find many dot, stripe, and design patterns available in a range of colors. One other thing you'll find: an unconditional, 100%-satisfaction guarantee, whether you bought ties two days ago or two years ago. 

Looking for a great gift for the sharp-dressed man in your life? You won't go wrong with one of these ties – and you certainly won't go wrong with a Plum Deal worth $40 of Jack Franklin merchandise for only $15.

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Jack Franklin ties was born after years of paying too much for high-quality ties. Their goal is to provide the highest quality ties at the lowest possible cost. They do this by limiting their channels to the online environment, where they don't pay for real estate, land, or rent. They also only carry the best designs, so they don't have to raise margins to make up for poor-selling ties!

$15 for $40 Worth of Fine Silk Ties from Jack Franklin

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