Insulators for Water Bottles & Frozen Snacks - A Great Way To Protect Little Hands

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What you need to know:

  • Kidzikoo and Koverz bottle insulators keep beverages icy cold or warm for hours, absorb messy condensation, eliminate freezing cold hands, prevent water rings on furniture, and protect bottles from dents and breaks!
  • Kooleez freezer pop insulators protect little fingers from freezing and also keep the freezer pop frozen for 20+ minutes - eliminating melty messes
  • These fun and functional designs are made of stretchy neoprene (wet-suit material) and come in many adorable, kid-friendly prints and are machine washable
  • Perfect for the playground, days by the pool, camping fun, family bike rides, plane rides, and so much more
  • Shop baby bottle/sippy cup insulators, sports bottle insulators, and freezer pop insulators
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One morning in 2010, Founder Lindsay Wegesin was sitting with her son Landon on her lap who was drinking cold milk out of his sippy cup.  He reached back and put his little hand on her cheek and it was FREEZING cold!  Lindsay chuckled and said to him "burrrr, you need an insulator for your sippy cup!" She immediately marched upstairs to the computer to search for baby bottle/sippy cup insulators, thinking they would be found at any retailer. Much to her surprise, she found nothing!  Immediately the light bulb turned on and the Kidzikoos idea was born!

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