$15 for Two Pairs of Traction Tights for Girls from Little Miss Grippy

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Whether your little girl is working on her first steps or advanced twirling, tights and hardwood floors can prove a slippery combo to master. That’s why we love Little Miss Grippy tights—stylish tights with rubber grips that will keep your little adventurer safe while she’s exploring slick surfaces.

Designed by longtime Seattle friends Jessie Gifford and Christy Bergstrom, Little Miss Grippy tights are colorful, cotton-blend tights with rubberized sole grips. Available in three sizes (Itty Bitty, Bitty, and Not-So-Bitty) the tights can fit girls aged 6 months to 4 years. And thankfully, with vibrant colors and different but coordinated designs (think baby-blue and brown stripes on one leg, and a trail of stars on the other), the functionality doesn’t come at the price of style.

Tights with pizzaz are so 2011. The added bonus: she won't bite it when performing her adorable interpretation of Swan Lake.

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Born and raised in Seattle, both Jessie and Christy played sports together and had many great adventures. In fourth grade, Christy broke her arm in gymnastics and Jessie lent hers, helping to write papers and tests, although it was not quite as neat as her good friend’s writing. They shared many things over the years, including pizza leftovers on Fridays and lots of goldfish crackers, as well as the dream of someday owning their own company. Little Miss Grippy’s are no ordinary tights; they promote adventure without sacrificing style. You can let her roam the hardwood floors of the world knowing she has the very best grip underneath her fashionable little feet.

$15 for Two Pairs of Traction Tights for Girls from Little Miss Grippy

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