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Ahem! Eyes down here ladies! Plum District is bringing you a life-changing deal from Manpacks…need we say more?

Shopping for your man can be such a drag. And men can be so particular about their socks and underwear. So why waste your time! Put together a package of essentials for your guy. carries great brands such as Calvin Klein, Champion, Hanes, and others. Just add some socks, underwear, razors, and more to your package, enter your voucher code, and the pack ships right away. Receive reminders every three months to restock and cancel at any time.

Shopping for underwear is almost as boring as the word “underwear” itself. Simplify your life and his by ordering your Manpack today. And seriously ladies, this is a family site...

Mari-Frances B.


Nothing is more tedious than shopping for undershirts and underwear for my husband. Manpacks let me sign up for the items I know he likes and 4 times a year gets a shipment. Now I can spend the extra time shopping for more important things like shoes!


Mari-Frances B.

San Francisco, CA

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Founders Ken and Andrew created Manpacks to give men (and the people who love them) more time to build empires, climb mountains, slay dragons... to achieve the goals they aspire to. A service that replenishes a man's basics like: underwear, razors and more so he (or you) don't have to. ManPacks believes...

  1. Men have better things to do than shop for the basics.
  2. The people who love them have better things to do, too.
  3. To the extent that we outsource the mundane, we liberate ourselves.
$15 for $30 Worth of Merchandise at

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