Santa Calls Your Kiddos

Baby and Kids

With so many imposters, kids can get confused about the authenticity of Good Ole St. Nick. Bolster your bade's faith in Old St. Nick with a personalized message from the Man in Red when you pick up this too cute deal from Send Santa Calls.

Using a simple online program, you can create a fully personalized phone call from Santa to any number. You can tailor the timing of the call that includes: your child’s name, location, sender’s name and relationship (mom, dad, etc.), what your child wants for Christmas and much more. Check out their “Be Good” message for a friendly reminder from Santa to "be nice to your sister," "clean up your room," or one of 50 other options.

Naughty or nice, your little guys and gals deserve to feel special this holiday season. Give them a thrill they'll never forget today!

As an added bonus, a portion of all proceeds will benefit The Salvation Army.

Kristin B.


I want my kiddos to believe in the magic of Christmas, so I'm having St. Nick call them up. I wonder what they'll think of Santa telling them to "Be Good" and clean up their rooms?!


Kristin B.

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10Acious Inc. has partnered with The Salvation Army to bring you A portion of all proceeds from this deal will benefit The Salvation Army. According to Chris Webb, C.E.O of 10Acious, Inc., the partnership was a natural fit. “I grew up in a single parent home, and the Salvation Army was there for my family when I was a child,” said Webb. “It gives me great pleasure to be involved and help raise money for an organization that helps so many people.” 

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