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Moms, if you have a daughter, at some point you're going to have to have "the period talk." That might sound scary, but it's also another chance for you to be your daughter's guide and confidant on her road to adulthood. No matter how "cool" a mom you are, it can't hurt to have some help during this conversation. That's where Petite Amie comes in.

Need to get advice on having the “period talk”? Ask Petite Amie’s Expert, Dr. Mary Lake Polan. Petite Amie is a feminine-care product line and information source specifically for girls as they transition into women. Its "My First Cycle Kit" contains 50 various pads, pantyliners, and tampons, so your daughter can have the right product no matter the circumstances. It includes an FAQ booklet written in language girls can understand and relate to. With this deal you also get 16 overnight pads, 16 day pads, and 16 additional regular tampons. Plus, you get a customized copy of The Period Book, a guide that's informative and fun-to-read (as opposed to that embarrassing stuff from when you were growing up). 

Nothing replaces your care, advice, and love for your daughter as she goes through this exciting and scary time. Think of Petite Amie as your and her not-so-secret safety net for those times when she needs just a little more than that.

Rachel S.


Petite Amie is great because it makes this transitional time less awkward and scary for girls.


Rachel S.

San Francisco, CA

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There's so much information out there today about puberty and becoming a woman, it's enough to make a girl's head spin! Yet there's not enough of the right kind of information, presented in a way she can relate to. So what's a girl to do? That's easy (and fun!)... she can turn to Petite Amie from Hygeia Personal Care Products, Inc., the first feminine care product line and community specifically designed with her in mind! Entering womanhood becomes a positive, empowering experience, supported by the perfect mix of innovative products, expert information and the fun, welcoming Petite Amie online destination. 

$23 for My First Cycle Kit for Girls, The Period Book, 2 Cycle Kits for Teens ($47 value)

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