$19 for $38 Worth of Candles from Eclipse Candle Company

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You can clean and decorate all you want, but to really create a warm, welcoming home environment this season, you've got to think about scent. Whether you're looking to host holiday parties or just create a cozy nest for your family, the warm, soft glow and range of inspiring, memorable fragrances from Eclipse Candle Company will be the keystone that brings everything together.

Eclipse Candle Company candles are not your everyday, garden-variety, cloyingly sweet candles. The two couples behind the company have worked for four years to create candles, with a premium wax blend that burns cleanly and evenly, that release complex, moving fragrances. You'll discover a range of scents, from classics like "Warmth and White Lilies," Lemon Pound Cake," and "Figgy Dreams"; to blends named for literary characters; to special fall- and holiday-themed creations like "Pumpkin Perfection," "Sugar Plum Kisses," and "Cozy Cranberry Apple."

Scent is the sense that's tied most strongly to memory. Looking to create lots of special memories in your home? This Plum Deal and Eclipse Candle Company candles will help you make that happen.

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Eclipse Candle Company was born of four friends: two couples who have been like family for over a decade. All of them are candle lovers and had the ability to create good candles. From that ability grew a desire to make truly exceptional candles actually capable of meeting their very high standards. They wanted their candles to have remarkable scent throw, and they wanted to create candles with fragrances that actually “moved” people. They aspired to create candles worthy of sharing between family and friends. 

Of course, fragrance is the most compelling attribute of any scented candle, but the rest of the candle is equally fundamental. Four years of meticulous, extensive research and development has yielded rewarding results. These candles do not require over-the-top packaging or trendy gimmicks. Eclipse Candle Company has painstakingly crafted a candle made from the best-performing wax blend, to burn cleanly and evenly without wasted wax. They bring you all of this for a fantastic price and promise never to charge you more than they would be willing to spend on their own product. 

$19 for $38 Worth of Candles from Eclipse Candle Company

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