Control your entire entertainment system with a Peel Smart Remote!

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Are you and your hubby always fighting over control of the TV remote? Do you secretly clear out the TiVo to make room for your favorite shows? Show your spouse how much you REALLY love them with today's deal from Peel Smart Remote.

Know that beloved iPhone, iTouch, or iPad that you always have on hand? What if you could use that instead of remotes? And what if it located entertainment you love for you? Grab a Peel Smart Remote, and voila - dream come true! This nifty little receiver is like a magical portal that connects the various components of your entertainment system and helps filter through cable or satellite channels to put only the personalized content you love on the screen. You can even use your Roku or Blu-Ray player to stream Netflix!

Control it all with the wave of a finger and clear away all the confusing gadgets littering the coffee table, Mom! Entertainment just got way easier.

Rachel S.


I couldn't keep all my remotes straight, so I tried out this Peel Smart Remote. I can't tell you how much it helped me simplify life! I love controlling my whole entertainment system through my iPhone!


Rachel S.

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Peel makes finding and watching great TV fun and easy! Instead of flipping through channels and hoping you land on one you like, use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to recommend programming you'll love! Your iOS device displays images of TV Shows, movies, and sports that interest you and hides all the rest. Each Peel Smart Remote supports up to 5 iPhones, iPads, or iPod Touches simultaneously so everyone in the family will always have their own personalized remote with recommendations just for them. Setup is simple with easy questions to guide you along the way. No confusing codes to program. You just tell Peel where you are, what brand of devices you have, and what shows you like! Tap a program to watch, and Peel takes care of the rest.

Download the free app now on iTunes to get a preview of this fresh new approach to the personalized living room experience. Peel works on over 98% of entertainment components from cable/satellite boxes and stereos to your Blu-Ray player or Roku box for streaming Netflix.

$49 for a Peel Smart Remote - a $99 Value

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  • Peel Smart Remote is currently only compatible with iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches)
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