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Fido is part of the family. He snuggles and protects, and makes you laugh. Sometimes it's easy to forget that he's not actually human. But because he is a canine, he needs special toys designed just for him. 

Not only will your pooch have fun chewing and chasing Dura Doggie's colorful, bouncy and squeaky toys, but every purchase will let you "Chews Your Cause" and donate to designated charities. The color of the toys identify what cause it will contribute to. With $26 to spend, you can select a couple of toys, in different colors, and spread the good deed even more! Dura Doggie toys are eco-friendly and buoyant, so they're perfect for every day from the backyard, to the pool, to the beach, and even in the living room. Stuff them with his favorite treats to keep him occupied when you have to leave him alone for the afternoon, or during the car ride to the park so he can chase his Dura Doggie toys all afternoon! Then, you can really count on some extra puppy love when you get home!

Beth M.


Summer is here and my dog loves to swim in the pool to cool off. This is the perfect toy for her to chase and retrieve because it floats! Plus they give part of their profits to a cause of your choice!


Beth M.

Los Angeles: Beverly Hills, CA

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Dura Doggie was founded in 2010 with a dream, they wanted to do more than just create dog products. They needed to create dog products that would give back and they decided to do so by asking their customers to "Chews Your Cause." This indefinite campaign would allow customers to donate to various causes based on the color product they purchased. For instance, orange Dura Doggie toys would represent fighting diabetes and the Dura Doggie team would donate 20% of profits toward that cause. In that end, their goal of creating dog products that would cure all the worlds' problems is starting to come true. Join their story of changing the world by purchasing a "Chews Your Cause" product today!

$13 for $26 to Spend at Dura Doggie

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