Lawn Care Treatments or Interior/Perimeter Crawling Insect Treatment from Perschel & Meyer Pest Management


Little boys are fascinated by ant hills, spider webs, and wasp's nests. Moms know, that like many of Mother Nature's treasures, they are enticing, but dangerous. Prevent your kids from crossing paths with creepy crawly critters with a bug-free maintenance treatment for your home's exterior.

Spring is definitely here, and now is time to get your yard in shape and treat your house for unwanted pests. Let the trusted services of Perschel & Meyer Pest Management take care of it for you! Choose from a one-time  lawn fertilization and weed treatment for only $69 or a one-time interior and perimeter crawling insect treatment for $44. They'll rid your casa of creepy crawlers like roaches, fleas, ticks, silverfish, crickets, scorpions, earwigs, springtails, pill bugs, sow bugs, spiders, centipedes, and more. Say bye to unwanted house guests today!

OPTION A: One-time Lawn Fertilization & Weed Treatment for $69 (a $138 value)

This offer includes a granular fertilizer and post-emergent weed control treatment for lawns up to 5,000 square feet. You'll receive up to 90% weed control with this one treatment. They use a granular slow release fertilizer for the longest residual. Lawns are weak and tired from the winter, and weeds are in full bloom; now is the time to fertilize and kill weeds!

OPTION B: One-Time interior & perimeter crawling insect Treatment for $44 (an $88 value)

This treatment includes interior and exterior treatment for roaches, fleas, ticks, silverfish, crickets, scorpions, earwigs, springtails, pill bugs, sow bugs, spiders, centipedes, house ants, carpenter ants, and stored product pests for homes up to 2,500 square feet.

Kristi S.


As a mom I'm too busy to worry about unwanted pests or maintaining my yard — that's why I let Herschel & Meyer handle it all for me with no worries!


Kristi S.


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Founded in 1989 in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Perschel & Meyer Pest Management has been servicing the community for more than 22 consecutive years.   They provide lawn care services, pest control services for your home & business, and termite control services for thousands of Jacksonville & beaches residents. They are local owners, not a national company and they take pride in servicing their community!

One-Time interior/exterior pest spraying for $44 ($88 value)
One-time Lawn Fertilization & Weed Treatment $69 ($138 value)

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Service Areas: Jacksonville, FL - 32216, 32223, 32224, 32225, 32246, 32256, 32257, 32258, 32259. Jacksonville Beaches - 32233, 32250, 32266. Ponte Vedra & St. Augustine - 32081, 32082, 32084, 32092, 32095
  • Additional charges may apply for more severe pest infestations
  • Offer only valid in listed service areas
  • Limit 1 of each offer per household; 4 additional deals can be purchased as a gift
  • Voucher is transferrable
  • Current customers not enrolled in particular featured service may take advantage of one-time offer
  • Call for an appointment; schedule subject to availability.
  • Cancellations require 24 hour notice
  • Normal merchant cancellation policies apply; voucher subject to forfeiture
  • Additional charges will apply for homes larger than 2500 square feet or yards larger than 5000 square feet
  • Additional Terms and Conditions apply