Three One-Hour Tutoring Sessions for Grades K-12

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Savvy parents know that they can't rely solely on their child's school. Educating your child outside of the classroom means encouraging them to read, go to cultural events, try new things, etc. - and it also means getting a little creative in areas where they may be slipping.

With today's offer from I Am Me, you'll get three one-hour tutoring sessions tailored to your child's needs. Choose from courses including Math, Reading & Writing, State Exam Preparation, Presentation, Interview, and Chinese Mandarin.

At the initial session, there will be an assessment to learn your child's comprehension level and determine which specific class is best for them. Parents will be given a brief summary afterwards. Your child may take multiple classes in one week or back-to-back sessions, and I Am Me will provide copies of class materials at no additional cost!

With today's offer, your youngin' will be better prepared for success in school, standardized tests, and beyond. Let's get them ahead, Mom. 

Jill E.


Here's a great opportunity to provide your child with support that's tailored to his or her needs. I Am Me is a top-notch program.


Jill E.

New York, NY

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At I Am Me, they realize that one of the most important contributions that education can make to children's development is to guide them toward a field where their talents are best utilized and where they will be happy and competent. Their weekend programs include a wide range of courses to help students explore their interests. Furthermore, in today's competitive and dramatically changing environment, being "book smart" is no longer enough to ensure a person's success. That is why an exclusive portion of their program is dedicated to their students' social and emotional development (EQ). Through recognizing each child's individual needs, they aim to give him or her the essential tools to adapt and to excel in the “real world.”

  • I AM Me -Rego Park
    63-50 Wetherole St
    Across From P.S. 139
    Rego Park, NY 11374
    (347) 537-8759

$54 for Three One-Hour Tutoring Sessions (Grades K-8) - a $90 Value
$72 for Three One-Hour Tutoring Sessions (Grades 9-12) - a $120 Value

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Classes are 6 children or less
  • Classes are given on weekends from 9am-6pm
  • First class must be taken by December 1st, 2012
  • Classes may be taken back-to-back, in the same week, or more spread out
  • Copies of class materials provided at no additional cost
  • If the child signs up for an additional 16 classes, I Am Me will offer a further 10% discount on those classes
  • Reservations required and must be made at least 3 days in advance
  • Choose from courses including Math, Reading & Writing, State Exam Preparation, Presentation, Interview, and Chinese Mandarin
  • Additional Terms and Conditions apply