New Baby and Parent Summer Session Classes in Beverly Hills

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Round one of being a mommy can be like navigating through a wild jungle of hungry animals (trust us - we've been through it). What we've found most beneficial is connecting with experienced moms and experts who are passionate and full of first-hand knowledge to guide you through the jungle, or... your first year.

So who do we turn to? Babytalk LA. This life-saver of an organization holds 10-week sessions for new moms, with tons of different lessons each week. Experts, such as doctors, are brought in to present on important topics including infant care, sleep, preschool, nutrition and other early parenting issues. They also incorporate music, movement, massage, and other activities for parents to do with their babies.

You'll find an abundance of information and an abundance of friendship and support. Plus, the location is incredibly convenient to new mommies living in Beverly Hills and West LA who don't want to schlep too far with their munchkins!

Maggie O.


When my baby was born, I took a new parent class like Babytalk LA, but it was 25 minutes from Beverly Hills. The class was so helpful and I made great mommy friends, but it was so far to drive. Babytalk LA is right here in the city for new parents!


Maggie O.

Los Angeles, CA

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Babytalk LA provides a supportive and fun environment where new parents learn about taking care of their babies, and also build life-long friendships with other parents who have babies close to the same age. The babytalk la program gives new parents the information to understand their babies’ developmental needs, and the confidence to feel good about how they are responding to them.

  • Babytalk LA
    8580 Wilshire Boulevard
    Beverly Hills, CA 90211

$225 for Babytalk LA Summer Session 1/ a $450 value: Parents and Babies born in March/ April 2012 (Summer Session 1 meets Thursdays from 2-3 pm from June 4 through August 16)
$225 for Babytalk LA Summer Session 2/ a $450 value: Parents and Babies born Jan/Feb 2012 (Summer Session 2 meets Thursdays from 12:15 to 1:15 from June 4 through August 16)
$225 for Babytalk LA Summer Session 3/ a $450 value: Parents and Babies born in Oct/Nov/Dec 2011 (Summer Session 3 meets Wednesdays from 2:30-3:30 from June 4 through August 16)
$225 for Babytalk LA Summer Session 4/ a $450 value: Parents and Babies born in July/Aug/Sept 2011 (Summer Session 4 meets Wednesdays from 4-5 from June 4 through August 16)

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Voucher must be used in 1 transaction 
  • Limit 1 per person 
  • Reservation required 
  • One parent (Mommy or Daddy) attends session with baby 
  • Babytalk LA sessions meet at Music Together in Beverly Hills at 8580 Wilshire Boulevard at Stanley 
  • Street parking is available 
  • Please note that all Babytalk LA sessions are 10 weeks, but will not be meeting the week of July 4th
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