Kreation Kafe Juice Cleanses and Bikram Yoga

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In the spirit of the Olympics and athleticism, this offer from Kreation Kafe is just what you need to get on your way to a rockin' bod!

Even with a regular workout routine and healthy diet, sometimes your body just needs a refreshing boost. A simple and easy juice cleanse will not only detoxify you from the inside out, they're tasty, too! Combined with a month of unlimited Bikram Yoga, you'll be one lean machine!

  • Single Day Juice Cleanse includes: Green3 Master Cleanse, Trinity Twist, Green2, Unity 12 and 1 Better Than Water 
  • The Juices for the 3-day cleanse with yoga include: Green3 Master Cleanse, Trinity Twist, Green2 Master Cleanse, Unity 12 and 2 Better Than Waters

Kristine G.


Kreation Juice is now in Marina Del Rey! Bikram Yoga and a cleanse are the perfect way to feel amazing for the rest of Summer!


Kristine G.

Los Angeles

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Kreation Kafe is a certified green business whose mission is to offer you local farmer’s market products, healthy, delicious, colorful dishes, freshly made tapas, salads, soups, sandwiches, kabobs, and desserts. Their delectable meals are mostly organic and locally grown.

  • Kreation Juice
    1023 Montana Ave
    santa monica, CA 90403

  • Kreation Juice and Bikram Yoga
    2903 Washington Blvd
    Marina Del Rey, CA 90295
    (310) 821-3638

$33 for a 1-Day Juice Cleanse - $50 Value
$170 for One Month Umlimited Bikram Yoga and a 3-Day Juice Cleanse - $335 Value

The Nitty Gritty:

  • You may purchase up to 6 days of individual juice cleanse
  • Can only redeem up to 3 days at a time per person 
  • Only 1 voucher per person for Yoga and 3 day cleanse offer
  • May buy 1 as a gift
  • Must pick up all juices in one visit
  • If you purchase 3 day cleanse with yoga you must do the 3 day cleanse within the free month of yoga
  • You can check out more about Bikram Yoga
  • Entire voucher amount must be used in 1 transaction
  • Voucher may not be combined with any other offers or promotions
  • Additional Terms and Conditions apply

Past Deals from Kreation Kafe

Three-Day Juice Cleanse closed 12/05/11