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Women do it everyday! There are women doing it right now. Still, giving birth can be anxiety inducing. Increase your confidence and quell your fears with today's deal for a Lamaze childbirth education class from the experts at BabyLove.

Lamaze isn't just sitting in a circle breathing anymore! This class covers everything you need to know, from late pregnancy through early postpartum and includes topics like: late pregnancy, onset and process of labor and birth, comfort measures, postpartum care, relaxation techniques, medical interventions, informed consent, breastfeeding, postpartum care, and newborn care. Whew! You'll also learn how to work more effectively with your health care provider to make important decisions. Go into your delivery with confidence and come out with your healthy little miracle!

Jennifer S.


Ease anxiety, learn valuable techniques,  and get personalized attention in these small, comfortable classes. You'll learn how to best manage any circumstance that comes along during your delivery.


Jennifer S.

Saint Paul, MN

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BabyLove is the Twin Cities' newest option for excellent childbirth, breastfeeding, newborn education and support. Their Lamaze childbirth classes are up-to-date with a focus on the needs of parents. They have small classes in a comfortable space - no class will have more than 10 mothers registered! At these classes there will be plenty of time to answer all questions, explore all concerns, and classes are comprehensive, so you wont have to worry about add-ons. Free parking in the large lot means you'll never have to factor in the time or cost of parking. No matter where you are in the birth process, or where you plan to have your baby, BabyLove has valuable insight and experience to share.

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$82 for Lamaze Childbirth Class Series (5 Week, 6 Week or Weekend Options) - a $165 Value

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