One-Hour Swedish Massage with Aromatherapy or a Deep Tissue Massage


To take on a new mom-challenge, relieving ourselves from stress is so important. Sit back and escape for 60 minutes of sumptuous delight with today's half-off deal for Swedish plus aromatherapy or deep-tissue massage from Woodbury Chiropractic & Wellness Center.

Swedish massage involves gentle pressure. It's applied by rubbing the muscles with long, gliding motions in the direction of blood; circular pressure; kneading motions; tapping; bending, and stretching. Combine it with aromatherapy and you're looking at one of the more relaxing hours you've spent in a while. Need something that really gets to the root of those tense muscles? Deep-tissue massage is the way to go. Its intense pressure attacks chronic pain and injury by reaching the muscles beneath the top layer.

You'll love feeling all your aches and pains - or simply your stress - melt away!

Jennifer S.


There's no better way to relax than by getting a great massage!


Jennifer S.

Saint Paul, MN

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Woodbury Chiropractic & Wellness has a vision to see healthier, more powerful people. Their purpose is to touch and teach as many people as possible about the benefits of natural health through chiropractic care. Come in and enjoy a truly unique chiropractic experience that will raise your awareness about your body and how it can benefit from chiropractic. Woodbury Chiropractic & Wellness Center is a professional practice offering the very best chiropractic care to everyone from infants to grandparents, from backaches to headaches, and from bedwetting to ear infections. Auto accident and on the job injury are other important areas that need special attention and if proper care is not given, may affect you for the rest of your life.

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$35 - One-Hour Swedish Massage with Aromatherapy or a Deep-Tissue Massage - a $70 Value

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