Feature the Teddy Bear Band at Your Child's Next Birthday Party!

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Get ready to get down at your kid's next birthday party, Mom. The Twin Cities' beloved Teddy Bear Band is on the way, and your celebration plans just went from "kinda ok" to musically marvelous!

For just $150, throw a concert! One member of the band will come to your party along with TBB's unforgettable mascot, Panda. Together, the two brother bears will rock out with the birthday boy or girl and their guests. The song set lasts 40 minutes, but the memories and photos will last a lifetime! Don't forget to tell guests to bring their favorite stuffed friend! This spunky, silly, groovy, goofy good time is all about interaction and innocently enjoying the fun of being a child.

There's a reason this band has been around since 1985 keeping spirits lively and toes tapping - they love kids, they're performers by nature, and their entertaining antics will steal your heart. Enjoy the show!

Suzanne H.


Everyone loves the Teddy Bear Band! Make your kid's next birthday extra special with a visit from Minneapolis' favorite rockers!


Suzanne H.

Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN

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The Teddy Bear Band has been making music for Twin Cities kids since 1985, livening up countless celebrations with their fabulous, interactive musical shows. Unlike many children's performers, these musicians do not dress as costumed characters. Over 7000 shows have proven that the Teddy Bear Band connects with children through the sincere enjoyment of playing music for kids as themselves.

The band's name comes from a belief that teddy bears are powerful symbols of healthy early childhood experience. Bringing a teddy bear to a show is not required. However, bears or stuffed friends that attend become "objects of interaction" to further inspire participation and raise the fun level! So … BYOTB if possible! Teddy Bear Band's main demographic is toddlers through mid-elementary age children however Teddy Bear Band musicians offer additional performance options for all ages and stages.

$150 to Feature the Teddy Bear Band at Your Child's Next Birthday Party - $300 Value

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