Yummy Tasti D-Lite

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Here's an offer that's just to 'tasti' to pass up — yummy treats from Tasti D-Lite.

Grab this Steal and you'll double your money at this family favorite. The hot and humid Nashville summers are almost here so you're gonna wanna grab as many of these as you can to keep everyone in your crew happy campers. Plus, Tasti D-Lite is part of a healthy lifestyle, so you don't have to feel guilty about grabbing a treat!

Tasti D-Lite has self serve with toppings, or you can order any of their 100+ flavors to be custom blended whenever you like. They also have smoothies, shakes, parfaits, sundaes, crepes, coffee, and cakes!

Kate H.


They have smoothies, shakes, parfaits, sundaes, crepes, coffee, and cakes! With a healthy and 'Tasti' option right in front of you. This is a must have!


Kate H.

Nashville, TN

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In a nutshell, Tasti D-Lite is a delicious frozen treat. Although they have a few yogurts, their product is more a low calorie/low fat soft serve ice cream……but they can't call it ice cream because it doesn't have the minimum amount of butterfat in the product to be legally called ice cream. It's not yogurt, because it doesn't have the live cultures. They have about 8 frozen yogurts, but more or less, most of their more than 100 flavors are not yogurts. The Tasti D-Lite Franchise headquarters is in Franklin. It was developed by a lady in her apartment about 25 years ago in New York.

  • Tasti D-Lite
    2020 Fieldstone Parkway
    Suite 700
    Franklin, TN 37069
    (615) 628-8183

$5 for $10 worth of Tasti D-Lite

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