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Baby and Kids

Let's face it: admissions examinations are harder than ever. And in order to stay ahead of the game, you've got to put in the work and know who to go to for a helping hand.

Competitive Advantage offers outstanding tutoring services that will help kids ranging from pre-K through graduate school gain admissions to top schools, raise standardized test scores, and boost their understanding of various academic subjects. Today, they're offering three offers to take your child's academic performance to the next level. Choose one or two private sessions or one two-kid session, and each includes the following:

  • A questionnaire to get more information on child's academic background
  • 60-minute tutoring with a professional educator
  • After-class update for parents from the tutor
  • Complimentary 15-20 minute phone consultation with Founder/Director Danielle Rayo
  • Progress report card that shows what the child has learned and what needs to be reinforced 

Jill E.


There is so much pressure on the youngest kids to excel in school. What a relief to have Competitive Advantage's educators to help with your child's specific needs.


Jill E.

New York, NY

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Competitive Advantage creates customized programs for individual needs. They help students (ranging from Pre-K through graduate school) gain admissions to schools, raise standardized test scores, and enhance their understanding of academic subjects. Additionally, they understand the ultra-competitive environment of school admissions and how important it is to succeed academically. They pride themselves on helping their students build skills that will serve them in countless facets of their lives.

$89 for a Private 60-Minute Tutoring Session - a $225 Value
$189 for a 60-Minute Tutoring Session for Two Kids - a $450 Value
$175 for Two 60-Minute Private Tutoring Sessions - a $450 Value

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Manhattan only 
  • Good for admissions exam preparation for kindergarten through college 
  • One voucher per child 
  • Can be purchased as gifts
  • A buddy session can only be used once for a session with two children
  • Plum Dollars may not be used to purchase this Plum Steal (Learn why >>)
  • You cannot earn Plum Dollars for referring this Plum Steal (Learn why >>)
  • Plum District promotional codes may not be used toward the purchase of this Plum Steal
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