Infant Sleep Consultation and Personalized Baby Slumber Plan


When you snooze, you don't lose, Mom ... you rejoice! Ever find it impossible to get a little shut eye because your tot just won't sleep the night through? It's no fun for mom, dad, or baby when no one gets enough rest. Get back to having the quality family time you want with today's Plum offer.

After working with countless families throughout the years, expert Jessica Gleason has found that so many new parents are dreaming of the day  when their baby will sleep through the night. By helping your baby develop healthy sleeping habits today your family will achieve happiness right from the start and appreciate every waking and sleeping moment.

Option 1: A half-day in-home initial evaluation and sleep plan. Jessica will spend a few hours observing your baby’s sleep habits and develop a plan to create a consistent sleep schedule. She will look at your baby’s sleep space to ensure everything is in place for baby to have as few prolonged awakenings as possible. Also included will be daytime phone and email support.

Option 2: Parents-to-be will get a in-home consultation where Jessica will come to your home and help you design the ideal sleep space for your family prior to baby’s arrival. This will help to ensure fewer baby sleep problems in the future.

Sleep easier now!

Suzanne A.


Imagine no more sleepless nights. What a gift for new parents (or for yourself)!


Suzanne A.

Philadelphia, PA

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Jessica is a mother of two and a baby sleep professional who has been working with children for ten years. Firstly as a counselor in a residential program for children with behavioral difficulties, followed by four years spent assisting a newborn specialist in a large metropolitan health care facility.  Becoming a parent is a life change like no other, and navigating your new baby’s sleep needs must become a top priority. A rested baby is a happy baby and a rested family means a happy home.

$62 for Half-Day In-Home Baby Sleep Evaluation, Consultation and Sleep Plan - a $125 Value
$75 for Parents-to-Be In-Home Infant Sleep Preparation and Consultation - a $150 Value

The Nitty Gritty:

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