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If you want to play an old home movie, you have to hunt down a VCR or Beta Max. If you need to look at precious photos you'll have to dig through the "picture drawer" past all those times you accidentally printed doubles. Overall, it's positive that we're too busy living our current lives to appropriately catalog the past. But memories fade and today quickly becomes history. Preserve a special person or time in your life using Remember Me This Way's professional touch.

This unique opportunity to preserve family memories will leave you with a 75-100 page book, professionally bound and ready to be passed down for generations. You won't need to worry about technology changing and still leaving your memories behind. This heirloom will have a two-page main story, 25 pictures, 50 blank pages for journaling and 10 customized pages with timelines, quotes, etc. It's the perfect way to hold onto the people you find the most dear.

Hannah W.


What an incredible way to preserve a personal story and to pass it down your family tree. Think of your grandparents history, your childs birth, your parent's wedding, the list goes on and on!


Hannah W.

Lake Oswego, Portland

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a writing service for keeping the great things in life recorded and at your fingertips. So many great things happen in life - weddings, christening, reunions, graduations, and just life itself. These moments should be recorded for those present and their future generations to enjoy. So often memories fade over time and get lost as we lose loved ones to distance or the inevitable departure. Great stories and moments get lost forever that the future generations never learn about. These beautifully crafted books put pictures together with the stories of these moments ensure that these memories are remembered forever and can be passed down through the generations - without the worry of changing formats for movies and videos, computer crashes, etc. They are always readily grabbed and looked through - and include extra pages to add memories as they come to mind or happen. A thoroughly personalized book for everyone to enjoy and handle whenever they want to remember an event or someone special in their life.

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$349 for a Professionally Written and Bound Life or Event Story - a $1000 Value

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