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Do your kids ever feel like they're knocking their heads against an academic wall at school? You're the only one who can call in the academic reinforcements. Sound the trumpets of triumph, Mom - today's Plum Deal gives your kid that extra boost he or she needs to meet with success instead of frustration and failure!

At LearningRx, your child's "Personal Trainer for the Brain" will have them exercising their mental muscle, training their mind to learn. This one-hour trial session will give your child the opportunity to experience a mental work-out with exclusive brain games as you meet the staff and tour the facility. Also included in this deal is a special bonus discount - 60% off the Cognitive Skills Assessment and Consultation Package (regularly $199). This assessment gives parents a much greater understanding of how their child learns and alerts them to any skill weaknesses that may contribute to difficulties in focus, learning or reading. Knowing a child's cognitive skills profile is powerful information for parents as they make critical educational decisions for their children. LearningRx works with clients ages 5 and up, including college students and adults.

Don't let your child struggle any longer, Mom. It's hard for you to watch, but it's even tougher and more frustrating for your kiddo to go it alone!

Amy M.


Sometimes it takes a different approach or methodology to unleash your child's potential. Knowing your child’s cognitive skills profile will help you understand not only the WHY behind what is holding them back, but what to do about it!


Amy M.


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LearningRx is a successful nationwide network of brain training centers. They are a family of concerned and passionate educators, professionals, and local business owners who want to help kids and adults learn and perform faster, better, and more easily.

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$40 for a Brain Training Trial Session at LearningRX + Additional 60% Off Assessment Package - a $155 Value

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