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When you snooze, you don't lose, Mom ... you rejoice! Ever find it impossible to get a little shut eye because your tot just won't sleep the night through? It's no fun for mom, dad, or baby when no one gets enough rest. Don't let your child cry it out alone! Get back to having the quality family time you want with today's Plum Deal.

This package includes a sleep consultation in which you'll receive education on sleep basics and tips for sleep success based on age, family history, and sleep logs. You'll learn age-appropriate nap and wake up techniques, as well as pointers to help your child independently go back to sleep and a personalized gentle sleep plan based on your family's individual case history and desired goals. You'll get five 20-minute phone calls after your initial consult for moral support. 2-3 weeks after your consult, complete a follow up to review your sleep logs and stay on track.

Nothing's sweeter (or more important!) than a good night of sleep. You know that better than anyone!

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Let Loving Lessons help you with your child's sleep training!



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Loving Lessons by Irene help parents to obtain knowledge and help, when needed, with a wide variety of sleep and educationally based problems children often face. Through her years as a teacher, a mother, and now a gentle sleep coach, Irene's desire has always been to see families grow and live as healthfully as possible.

Children who sleep through the night achieve at higher levels in skills including attentiveness, self-discipline, organization, memorization and the abilities to plan, think and work with others. These are all key components to help children feel success in the classroom. Research also shows that some parents think their child is well rested, but actually may not be getting the proper amounts of restorative sleep that is necessary for their child'’s development. Let Irene help you discover the healthiest solution for your family! She believes that all children are capable of learning healthy habits for a healthy future.

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$125 for Pediatric Sleep Consultation and Follow-Up Package from Loving Lessons - a $250 Value

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