Complete Neurological & Nutrition Analysis for Your Child

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If your child is one of the many challenged by ADD or ADHD, today's offer will help them take one big step toward greater mental and physical well-being.

Chiropractic Nutrition Center is here to minimize the symptoms of these disorders by helping your child's body function with improved balance. First, they'll perform a comprehensive neurological exam to find areas in the brain that are weak, and will then recommend constructive exercises and foods to strengthen these areas (yes, specific foods can cause imbalances!). Next, a structural analysis will be conducted to see if their body's communication system is free of interferences.

At the end of your initial visit, you'll be given life questionnaires to complete at home, followed by a second appointment to evaluate findings and review possible care plans.

With the help of a seasoned healthcare professional, your child can fight the challenges of ADD and ADHD and experience life with increased focus, improved mood, and more self-confidence. With the low cost of $49, today's offer's a no-brainer, Mom. 

Leslie P.


ADD and ADHD are so common in children today due to the chemicals in processed foods. This treatment is sure to help you understand how the brain works in ADD kids and help to plan their diets better.


Leslie P.


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$49 for a Complete Neurological & Nutrition Analysis for Your Child with ADD or ADHD - a $300 Value

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Those with federal health insurance policies cannot take advantage of this offer; insurance would have to be filed due to federal guidelines
  • If you decide to purchase additional treatment, you have the legal right to change your mind within 3 days and receive a refund
  • Reservations are required; please call 919-461-0046
  • May not be combined with other offers
  • Additional Terms and Conditions apply

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