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Health and Fitness

It has never been easy to lose weight, especially when there are little ones running around. Get back to the body you’ve always wanted with a creative online weight loss program individually designed for you.

Connect on a personal level with GreenLite specialists who offer virtual, one-on-one weekly counseling sessions and personal online visits with in-house educators. The GreenLite Method™ has proven successful for hundreds before you. Through our expert guidance you'll see real results using real food. The GreenLite program, especially with the additional purchase of an eScale, is simple and easy to understand. With an online support system tracking your improvements and encouraging your every move, you'll be losing in no time.

Anna L.


I just had a baby and could use some help with losing the baby weight. I can't wait to try GreenLite!


Anna L.

Mountain View, CA

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Losing weight feels great. Imagine yourself with more energy, improved mood, increased confidence, and improved health. Their team of weight loss professionals will help you incorporate the essential elements of a balanced virtual weight loss program into your lifestyle. The foundations of the GreenLite method are based on behavioral changes, nutrition, exercise, and accountability. Whatever your motivation to lose weight, the team of health educators will guide and support your efforts to win at losing. What are you waiting for? Choose health, and give yourself the GreenLite to start your new life!

$84 for Initiation Fee and One Month of Service at Hello GreenLite - a $244 Value

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Plum District voucher must be used in 1 transaction
  • May not be combined with other offers
  • Appointment required
  • Plum District voucher includes initiation fee and 1 month of service
  • An eScale (available for $92) will be required to continue past 1 month of service
  • eScale not required to purchase, but recommended 
  • May be purchased as gift
  • Valid for new clients or customers only
  • Additional Terms and Conditions apply