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You're one active Mama. In addition to keeping up with your little ones, you are dedicated to your gym routine and eating well. But despite your efforts, you just can't seem to lose those love handles. You're not alone, Mom.

We all face the same issue. Age slows our metabolism and makes losing those excess pounds or inches challenging, not to mention frustrating. This offer is the extra little boost you need to rediscover the slim, toned body you feel within. i-Lipo® laser treatments are the most effective way to lose inches of deep fat from problem body parts and it is a non-invasive, safe, effective alternative to liposuction. i-Lipo® utilizes your body’s own fat burning capabilities and lymphatic drainage system to reduce fat and body circumference in as little as two weeks! Orinda iLipo is an ideal facility and their staff and doctors are dedicated to their patients' goals. With this offer, you'll get an evaluation and eight i-Lipo® treatments at Orinda iLipo (and if additional treatments are needed, you'll get a discount!). Getting back your pre-baby body isn't impossible anymore. Heads will turn at the gym, and people might even ask, "you've had how many kids!?"

Rhonda C.


A perfect solution to a difficult problem. A non-surgical option for those of us who are not interested in plastic surgery! Excited to see the results!


Rhonda C.

SF/Bay Area, CA

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At Orinda i-Lipo, they utilize state of the art thearapy lasers such as the recently acquired Chromogenix, i-Lipo® Fat Burning Laser. The i-Lipo procedures are performed onsite by Dr. Isabel Eleazar, D.C. and her trained staff. Dr. Eleazar has been in practice for almost 12 years . Not only has she been an i-lipo patient herself, but she is well versed in a multitude of diets, nutrition and exercise programs. She is extremely dedicated to helping her patients and delivering personalized care so you can achieve the best results. From your initial evaluation on through to your last visit to the office, the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and eager to make your experience as pleasant as possible!

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$1200 for 8 iLipo Treatments + Evaluation - $2400 Value

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