$35 for 4 Weeks of Bootcamp from Fit for Life Solutions - a $247 Value

Don't give up on fitting into your skinny jeans just yet! There's real hope that you can get into them again, and look hot, 24/7. Fit for Life Solutions Bootcamp—in Mountain View or Foster City—will help kick your metabolism into high gear, allowing you to become lean and fit. Get ready to work out your body and your brain. 

Committing to bootcamp also means you'll have the added motivation to continue working out while the pounds melt off. A month of bootcamp means you're sure to do proper exercises, using the correct form and equipment each time. It's easier and a whole lot more fun to pursue your fitness goals when you have fun and know that you are in a supportive atmosphere. 

Working out with Fit for Life Solutions wants you to get your dancing shoes ready to go with those sassy skinny jeans of yours. Celebrate your new, energized body in style.

Find Fit for Life Solutions in Mountain View at this address:
240 S. Whisman Road
Mountain View, CA

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Welcome to Fit for Life Bootcamp! You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to lose weight, tone your entire body, and achieve a fitness lifestyle!

Each 50-minute camp takes place at the Foster City Athletic Club, at 1159 Chess Drive. Having an indoor bootcamp has its perks. No need to fight the cold and wind, or work out in the sun during the hot summer months — although when it’s nice out, a local park workout is likely.

There's a childcare room, and you can use the club's facilities at your leisure.

$35 for 4 Weeks of Bootcamp from Fit for Life Solutions - a $247 Value

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Sign up for Bootcamp in Foster City: 9:15am, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm Monday through Thursday. Or try Bootcamp in Mountain View at 6am, Monday through Thursday!
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  • Please call in advance to make an appointment and have your Plum District voucher code ready
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