How is Plum District different?

Moms buy from businesses they trust. Our users trust us every day to bring them useful, relevant offers from businesses they’ll want to frequent, and we respect that trust. Instead of deluging you with an army of cheapskates, we’re introducing your business and your brand to a close-knit world of moms who are active and invested in their local communities.

Plum District wants to form lasting relationships with vendors. We won’t push you to offer a promotion that are going to overwhelm your business for a few days with customers you’ll never see again. Our users are also looking for businesses they can form a long lasting relationship with. Once they trust your business, they’ll spread that trust through social networks filled with people like themselves. And oh … it’s also worth mentioning that these customers control [85% of household spending] — that's $2.1 trillion annually.

Who are Plum District subscribers?


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