Mamasource FAQ

Can I use my existing Mamasource username and password on Plum District?

 As of February 24th 2014 the following will take place:

- If you do not have a Plum District Account:

You will be able to log on to Plum with your existing Mamasource login information. Your information will be transferred over from Mamasource.


- If you have a Plum District and Mamasource account and use the SAME email for both:

You will continue to use your Plum District email and password to login.   Your information will be transferred over from Mamasource.


-If you have a Plum District and Mamasource account and do NOT use the same email:

If you have both a Mamasource and a Plum District account under different emails, a duplicate account will be created transferring your Mamasource information to an account with your Mamasource login.


What happens to my credits/rewards?

Your credits/rewards have been turned to Plum Dollars. Plum Dollars are credits that can be used toward your Plum Deal purchases. Plum Dollars can only be used for Plum Deal purchases and are not redeemable for cash.

Will I still be able to visit the Mamasource site?

Starting on February 24, 2014, when you visit you'll now be visiting Plum - with access to fantastic offers, 24/7! 


Are Mamasource subscribers automatically opted into Plum District?

Yes,your daily email will come from Plum District, loaded with the values you've come to love!


What should I expect in my email?

You can expect access to bigger brands (like Disney!), better savings, and more offers!  Keep checking your daily email - we have giveawaysnew products, and more surprises coming your way! 


What are all of the new features I'm finding in the "My Account" section?

Purchased Deals: Shows all of the deals you have purchased (past and present) and their status

Profile: Information specific to you, i.e. name and region

Account Details: Information you provided upon sign up, i.e. email, location, etc.

Subscriptions: The regions in which you are currently subscribed to

Refer My Friends: Share Plum District with your friends. When they purchase their first Plum Deal, you will be awarded $5 Plum Dollars.

Promotion Codes: Enter promotion codes you receive from Plum District here, and they will be applied to future purchases. 

Plum Dollars: Formerly known to you as credits -- this is where you can view your current balance.

My Referrals: Keep track of how many invites you have sent to your friends, and how many Plum Dollars you have been rewarded as a result.



How do I use my Credit/Plum Dollars:

Plum Dollars can be deducted from your account when you purchase a Plum Deal. Just follow these steps to make sure you use your Plum Dollars for your purchase:


1) Upon checking out, please be sure to check the box next to the following phrase: "Would you like to apply Plum Dollars to this purchase?"


2) In the area provided, enter the number of Plum Dollars you would use for your purchase


3) Confirm the final amount to be changed


4) Click the "Buy" button to complete your purchase

Is my credit card information from the Mamasource site still secure?

Yes, your credit card information is 100% protected and was automatically transferred into your new Plum District account.


How do I access the PD site?

You can visit Plum District at


If I no longer want to receive the emails, how do I opt out?

There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of your Plum District email that will lead you to your "Manage Subscriptions" page. Uncheck the regions in which you wish to unsubscribe.